Weber 8kg Briquettes

Weber 8kg Briquettes
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Give your perfect cut of meat the best fuel. With the Weber Briquettes you're off to a good start with fast and easy ignition and they burn long and strong. Being 100% natural with no added chemicals, all you will taste is pure food.

This isn't any ordinary charcoal - it's the one ingredient your steaks need to sear to perfection. Designed by barbecuers for barbecuers, the new Weber Briquettes are the result of years' worth of innovation, research, and testing.

These long-lasting, 100 percent natural charcoal briquettes are made from dense carbonised wood, starch, and water that are compacted at 50-tonne pressure to produce clean burn, reduce dust, and extend burn time to three hours - all without added chemicals. Plus, the new Weber Briquettes have an extra-large pillow form and dual grooves for improved air circulation and a faster lighting process.

Packaged in a recycled, waterproof bag with convenient zip-lock closure and handy carrier grip, you can be sure your briquettes will stay and dry, extending fuel life and keeping you always ready to barbecue.

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Weber 8kg Briquettes
Weber 8kg Briquettes Weber 8kg Briquettes
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