Twinkly Festoon Lights 20 RGB Lamps

Twinkly Festoon Lights 20 RGB Lamps

The classical festoon bulb form factor perfect for parties. Can be extended with to the Festoon lights Extension Pack.


Twinkly Festoon Lights is a smart decoration device, perfect for parties, bringing the most advanced technology to your decoration.

It consists of a set of 20 G45 shaped LED Bulbs, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth controller and a state-of-the-art smartphone application, ready to perform amazing animations easily and quickly.

Twinkly Festoon Lights offers a wide variety of stunning effects, ready to be played and customized, and full access to the online gallery, where new animations are always available for download.

Twinkly Festoon Lights features smart home integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Twinkly Festoon Lights can be physically extended to a total of 40 bulbs and/or synchronized with other

Twinkly devices for impressive scenery installations. Twinkly devices can be synchronized together – up to 4,000 LEDs or 10 devices (in good Wi-Fi coverage) – for impressive scenery installations. For indoor and outdoor use, IP44.


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