at Bay View

Our staff are on hand to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, or to answer any questions you might have. We want to share our passion and knowledge with you.

Our three watch words are Quality, Beauty and Value, which means we make sure every single plant is in great condition when you buy one.

Secondly, we have a huge range, from the familiar to the fashionable, and we only work with quality producers so everything looks beautiful when it goes into your garden. We stock plants at all stages of life, from seeds and bulbs, to nursery plants, to mature specimens, so whatever stage of growth your garden is at, you’ll find something to make it beautiful! Our wide range of pots can help turn your patio into an extension of your garden too.

We also stock tools, garden chemicals and pest control, so you can find whatever you need to work on your patch and keep it looking and feeling great. As with everything else at Bay View, we haven’t cut corners here. All of our stock is hand-selected, and we only sell premium quality and good value products, for the beginner up to the expert.

We simply can’t get enough of gardening!
We want your gardens to thrive.