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Your Garden this Month

By 23rd October 2019News


Traditionally the tidying up period; a time when particular attention should be given to protecting tender shrubs. This should be done in a way which protects the heart of the shrub but which still allows vital air circulation. Fleecing is a popular and inexpensive method.
Some plants can be protected by drawing up their own foliage and then tying lightly into place, i.e. Phormiums.
It is an ideal time to introduce fruit and ornamental trees; favourites may include edible varieties of apple, pear, plum and cherry, while ornamental cherries (Prunus), crab apples (Malus) rowan (Sorbus) and birch (Betula) are valuable garden additions in terms of fruit and berries for birds and insects.
Carry on raking fallen leaves from lawns, keeping paths and patios clear (rotting leaves can be slippery).
Traditionally November was the month for digging over garden borders, breaking up the soil in this way allows the frost to penetrate and reduces soil compaction.

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