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Your Garden this Month

By 23rd October 2019News


It may seem like Winter is never going to end, but Spring is already starting in the garden

Look out for Hellebores; such striking flowers and with so many different varieties no garden should be without these

Heathers; these superb ground cover plants are covered in pink or white flowers ideal for creating a carpet of colour

Vinca (Perrywinkle); In flower now with colours including pure white and hyacinth blue, flowers periodically throughout spring and summer. More usually used for ground cover its evergreen foliage also makes it a fantastic trailing plant.

Jasminium nudiflorum (Winter Flowering Jasmin) This plant is truly versatile it can be used as a climber or as a shrub, if pruned correctly it can even be shaped to form a hedge. Which style suits you its multitude of bright acid yellow flowers add instant colour.

Viburnum Eve Price; a popular evergreen shrub, useful as a specimen shrub or as a hedge. It produces an abundance of pinkish-white flower clusters at this time of year.  A great low maintenance plant.

All of these plants are available to buy from our Plant Area department

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