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Hard gardening graft, challenging weather and a creative vision

By 11th June 2018News

My first glimpse of the gardens at Bay View was late November 2017. Two previous attempts had been made to bring some semblance of order to the planted area that same year, without success.

I was brought in to restore the former glory of the gardens by new owners Lisa & Phil. Their vision was to create a relaxing outdoor space where plants could be brought to life, and where staff could demonstrate garden creativity for all our customers to enjoy and gain inspiration.

Late November is never a great time to assess what may or may not lie beneath the soil of any garden, so it has not been until six weeks or so ago I made a good start, now that the effects of the widespread unseasonably low temperatures from the likes of the ‘Beast from the East’ have subsided and the sun is finally shining!

Inspecting the garden grounds

Since the beginning of the first decent spell of fair weather, the beds have begun to show what was previously planted, and what has survived, and provided us with the chance to introduce additional planting, plants being exclusively sourced from the stock of the Garden Centre, as a principle.

Currently the garden grounds are without the basic infrastructure required for any potentially successful Show Garden. There are currently no planting plans in place and plants seems to have been planted sporadically, have no labels of plants in the beds and unsuitable plants need to be replaced or moved.

Progress is now well underway to rectify the issues and implement plans. We will get there I’m sure!

Space to Place

The Show Garden is ideal for long deep borders allowing plants to expand in shape and size, and show their habits i.e. upright, climbing.

The guiding thought about the Show Garden’s contents are that it should, in the main, be a reflection of items on sale in the garden centre itself. Planting varieties in twos, threes or fives gives an excellent idea of a plant’s suitability for the locality, and a good idea of its appearance and eventual spread and height.

Strong principles of planting include:

  • The use of all year round basic favourites
  • Good value varieties, i.e. for hardiness, flowering, disease resistance
  • Seasonal favourites

If you have not yet been to have a look at our Show Garden, you can find it (and me) at the rear of the Garden Centre, just past the Summerhouse on your right. Be sure to say hello.

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