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November – Cyclamen Persicum

By 1st December 2018Plant of the month

We love these eye-catching, little pot plants with their attractive heart shaped leaves, often with distinct silver marbling.

A tuber native to the east Mediterranean, with a profusion of beautiful flowers, available in pure white, pale pink and a variety of intense fuchsia pinks and reds.

With their distinctive upswept petals and subtle perfume which seems particularly noticeable in those plants with white flowers. They are particularly popular in garden centres and florists at this time of year.

Position in natural light, away from direct heat, they require minimal watering. Kept in these conditions they can continue to flower for long periods.

A fabulous choice for indoors, they can also be used in outdoor planted arrangements if protected from periods of frost and prolonged wet.

The advantage of planters is that they can be temporally moved to a more protected position.

Ideal as a stand alone feature plant, or amongst ferns, conifers and ivy for a traditional look. Alternatively, team with clipped box or grasses for a more contemporary feel.

Whichever style you prefer every home will be that little bit brighter this winter with cyclamen.


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