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January – Cornus

By 1st December 2018Plant of the month

Commonly known as ‘Dogwood’ this is a large, varied group of shrubs which include our winter favourites including: 

Winter Beauty- Yellow and orange stems 

Kesselringii – Plum-black stems 

Sibrica – red stems 

Flaviramea – Lime green stems 

Elegantissima –  dark red stems 

 A popular addition to formal winter gardens the vibrant stems of these shrubs are truly stunning, especially when highlighted by winter sun. 

Fully hardy and adaptable to most soil types including damp, they provide the perfect foil for evergreen winter shrubs, or look especially stunning when combined with the white bark of Betula ‘Birch’ or underplanted with spring flowering bulbs.  

Their interest continues in spring once the new leaves emerge, followed by white flowers in summer, these in tern develop in to small clusters of blue-white or black berries. 

If left unattended they can grow to sizable shrubs but can be kept smaller by periodic pruning.  

Either hard prune all stems or select older ones throughout the shrub every 2-3 years between March-April. 

This not only controls its size but also encourages newer, more vibrant stem colour. 

We like this shrub so much, that we are including it in our landscape design for the centres grounds, where we hope it will add colour and interest for years to come.   


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