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December – Poinsettia

By 1st December 2018Plant of the month

Originating in Mexico, these bright and beautiful houseplants are a firm Christmas favourite.

The Poinsettia could have been specially designed for Christmas with its bright-red halo and festive green foliage, so it’s easy to understand why so many of us welcome the potted plant into our homes over the festive period. Traditionally red, their ‘petals’ are actually leaves or ‘bracts’ and may also be salmon pink or white in colour.

They are often disposed of once they start to fade, but with a little care, you can keep them all year and the bracts will colour up again the following year.

Follow these simple tips to keep your plant looking great throughout Christmas and beyond….

  1. Poinsettias thrive in our warm, winter homes.
  2. Place them in bright, indirect light, and away from cold drafts created by doorways.
  3. Water sparingly, as a general rule allow the compost surface to dry out before considering watering with tepid water.
  4. To help your plant flourish,when purchased, ensure that it is bagged for the journey home. Poinsettias are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.
  5. Always avoid buying plants from stores, where they are displayed by the entrance, as these are likely to drop with-in days.

For further advice about these and any of our wide range of houseplants, either for Christmas gifts or to add interest to your own home, our staff are here to help.

Quick facts (Courtesy of RHS)

Common name: Poinsettia
Botanical name: Euphorbia pulcherrima
Group: Houseplant
Flowering time: December to January
Planting time: Spring (for repotting)
Height & spread: Up to 60cm (2ft) height; 30cm (1ft) spread
Aspect: Bright but filtered light, indoors
Hardiness: Tender
Difficulty: Easy 



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