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Graham’s Favourite Five for February

By 19th February 2020News

Sarcococca Confusa. Also known as Sweet Box is a lovely compact evergreen shrub ideal for garden or patio tubs, with masses of tiny fragrant creamy white flowers in winter and early spring can be pruned after flowering. Purple to black berries are produced on established plants in Autumn/Winter, can be grown in full sun or partial shade a must for all gardens.


Helleborus. Otherwise know as Lenten Rose, is a free-flowering evergreen perennial which looks fabulous throughout the cold dark winter months. Thrives in any soil, but a nutrient-rich free draining soil is best for fabulous results, can be grown in the open garden or why not plant them in patio tubs to bring the garden closer to the house.


Chaenomeles. This beautiful shrub is also known as Flowering Quince, is has beautiful single or double flowers in a range of colours from white to deep red on bare stems from February to April them produces fruits from October to March which can be used to make Quince jelly. This plant requires very little pruning only necessary to take out crossing or damaged shoots.


Viburnum Tinus. Is an evergreen shrub with dense dark green foliage and lovely blushed pink buds which open to reveal heads of white slightly perfumed flowers which are followed by blue-black fruits. Prefers moist but well drained soil or can also be grown in patio containers.


Vinca. Sometimes known as Periwinkle is a plant for all seasons and aspects, an evergreen ground cover plant that is very hardy and reliable, needs very little attention and will grow in full sun or shady areas making it ideal for under planting. The leaves of this plant can be just green or variegated and produces masses of blue, white or pink flowers depending on the variety.

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