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Garden Update

By 23rd October 2019News

Over the past twelve months, it has been possible to see a great many changes in the form of additional planting on the garden. This has been done for a variety of reasons including less bare soil for weeds to flourish and encouraging hardier plants to develop and in so doing provide a sheltered micro-climate for those plants less associated with a coastal location.

This has demonstrated:
  • What will thrive and survive
  • Highlighted excellent qualities such as long-flowering, or easy to grow fuss-free varieties
  • How our sale plants look in their natural surroundings. A plant in a border is better than any description.
  • Showing how plants are likely to mature. You can then consider if you have the space? Do you like the colour? Can it be split to put in other spots in your garden?
  • The added benefit of seasonal, all year round interest from not only flowers but leaf colour/shape, berries etc
Our Plans for the Future

But this is only the start in the coming years we hope to restructure and re-design the current arrangements of garden plants to provide new and exciting inspiration.

Our aims are not only to demonstrate the practical such as aspect and soil preferences, but the development of beds which reflect new planting combinations and themes such as ‘hot’ borders, or perhaps our take on famous schemes like the white border; or using single plant groups such as grasses and alpines, our inspirations are endless.

We cant wait to see what the new year will bring!

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