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Garden Renovation at Bay View

By 14th February 2020News

The past couple of seasons have concentrated on tidying and getting to know the garden. Now the exciting part starts. Our exposed coastal position, soil type and aspect have greatly affected our choices but we hope you will be surprised at how much variety there will be. We plan to develop beds with specific schemes, which we hope will help to inspire you all. I will be regularly blogging about individual themes so look out for these.

To help you if you are considering similar work in your own garden we have ….

3 Steps to Success

  1. Planning
  2. Relocating
  3. Patience


  1. Although you may only be noticing me working in the garden now, planning has been taking place since last summer. Each plant was catalogued in detail, along with its position in the garden. So that even when plants died back they could be located easily. We were amazed at how many plants we have, but this has been a tremendous help regarding developing our new themes.


  1. The relocation of plants is a major part of this project. A common response to change is to throw away everything and start again, but why dispose of plants that can play a valuable part in your new scheme. Its as much about deciding where they will fit in and what new combinations can be put together. It also helps with the cost of a project, which can easily escalate if you are not careful.


  1. Its easy to become impatient but be realistic about what you can achieve in year one. Consideration has to be given to when plants can be moved and time allowed for their re-establishment. Taking your time will have the best results and be worth it in the end, so don’t worry if the final look takes several years before it becomes become the garden you always dreamed about, it will be worth it!



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