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Autumnal Shrubs & Seasonal Gardening Tips

By 23rd October 2020News

As we say goodbye to the summer sun, blooming flowers and blossom we say hello to Autumn, a time when leaves turn golden brown and crunch beneath your feet. But what happens to our gardens as the temperatures drop?

There are still plenty of jobs that need doing as time in the garden winds down, traditionally now is the perfect time to plant shrubs, roses and hedging. Autumn can be one of the most colourful of seasons, a lot of shrubs can give off a spectacular display of flaming fiery autumnal tones. Pops of vibrant heather blowing in the wind is a great way to add touches of colour and movement to your garden in the Autumn months.







A good tip – Choose the sunny side of your garden to plant your deciduous shrubs as this will help them to fruit and flower, not to mention the sun will help bring out their bold and beautifully rich tones. Prepare your ground, water your plant thoroughly before placing it in the hole big enough to accommodate the roots.

Here are some Autumnal Shrubs that we recommend..

  • Camellia
  • Ceanothus
  • Hardy Heathers

Hardy Heathers are a great plant to have as they are evergreen and will bloom all year round. Heathers require very little in the way of maintenance. Trimming spent flower spikes annually should keep them in check and most named varieties will be provided with information relating to their mature height and spread so that you can choose the right variety for you.

If foliage does turn a little bit yellow, annual ericaceous or liquid granular feed should help sort the condition.

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